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Bill Drake

Senior Extension Associate,
Cornell University

Bill Drake is a former food industry executive (20 years) and is now responsible for development and execution of food industry executive education programming for the Food Industry Management Program.

Mr. Drake’s responsibilities center around the development and execution of executive education programs for the food industry. The audience consists of retailers, manufacturers, and service providers. Programs are conducted both on the Cornell campus and off-site, and are both customized (company-specific) and open-enrollment. In general, the programs are designed to improve the competitive viability of firms and the industry as a whole.

Miguel I. Gómez

Miguel GomezAssociate Professor,
Cornell University

Earning both his PhD and Master’s degrees at the University of Illinois, Miguel’s areas of expertise are Applied Industrial Organization, Food Supply Chains, and Quantitative Marketing.

Miguel heads the Food Marketing and Distribution Program at Cornell University where research efforts are applied both locally and abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean. Overseeing a team of approximately ten researchers, study topics include East Coast Broccoli Production, Soil-Based Sustainable Specialty Crop Greenhouse Industry in the Northeast, and Increasing the Competitiveness of the NY Grape Nursery Industry.

The aim of the studies are to enhance market opportunities for horticultural products, and to benefit producers, processors/distributors, and consumers in New York State. One of the most exciting current projects involves collaborating with growers on the east coast in order to produce broccoli – to be grown from Florida to Maine, all throughout the year.

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