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Daniel Hooker

Senior Lecturer, Cornell University and Director of Executive Education for the Food Industry Management Program

Dan is a global retail and consumer packaged goods executive with broad experience across diverse business environments and formats, leading traditional food retail operations and merchandising, as well as product development, consumer and category analytics, sourcing and procurement, global trading, national sales and ecommerce.

Dan is an outstanding strategist and general manager, and he has led the successful startup of multiple diverse businesses. Known for and recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on retailers’ proprietary brands, he has shaped clients’ programs across four continents and eight classes of trade. His passion is in helping companies see their unique DNA and positioning and creating actionable marketing and sales strategies essential for their success.

Dan has an MBA from the University of Connecticut and a BS in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University.

Kristen Park

Kristen ParkExtension Associate,
Cornell University

With an M.S. Animal Science, Michigan State University and a M.S. in Agricultural, Resource, and Managerial Economics, Cornell University Park conducts applied research on a variety of food marketing issues, most notably for the fresh produce distribution system.

She, with the Food Industry Management team, recently completed a study of produce procurement offices. She also recently authored two chapters in the book, Growing Local: Case Studies on Local Food Supply Chains. In addition, she is a member of a multi-state team, funded by USDA, which is assessing benefits of regionally produced foods for retailers and consumers located in low income communities. She is leading the development of over ten supply chain case studies for the team.

Park has researched an extensive census of a multi-country growing region in New York State assessing current and future production of fruits and vegetables, the viability of the food and beverage industry in New York State, and was an author of a series of research projects and reports produced for The Produce Marketing Association, the Fresh Track reports.

She also has the privilege of selecting and traveling with Cornell students on various international field trips and trade association conventions, including Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, the New York Produce Show, the London Produce Show and the Amsterdam Produce Show.

Edward McLaughlin

Edward McLaughlinProfessor,
Cornell University

Before joining the faculty at Cornell University, Ed gained international experience working for the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, and the World Bank. Ed’s professional focus is marketing and retailing. The Food Industry Management Program (FIMP) he directs conducts research and extends the results of that research to the food industry and public beyond.

The FIMP offers a dozen executive education programs each year, customized for both individuals and companies. Professor McLaughlin is the Associate Director of the Dyson School, and for 20 years has served as the Director of the Undergraduate Business Program, the largest undergraduate major at Cornell.

Brad Rickard

Brad RickardAssociate Professor,
Cornell University

Brad Rickard is the Ruth and William Morgan Associate Professor of Applied Economics and Management. His teaching and research focus on the economic implications of policies, innovation, and industry-led initiatives in food and beverage markets. Results from his research have been highlighted by various media outlets including Buffalo News, The Economist,, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Wine Spectator. Professor Rickard is currently writing a book titled “Agricultural Policy and Global Food Markets” that will be published by Routledge in 2018.

Professor Rickard’s research program examines issues at the intersection of agricultural markets, food policy, and international trade. His research has assessed how markets for specialty crops respond to changes in nutrition and health information, food labeling practices, promotional efforts, agricultural policy reform, trade liberalization, and the introduction of new technologies. Current work is studying the economics of food waste and the effects of policy initiatives that might be used to mitigate food waste.

Professor Rickard’s extension program is closely tied to his research activities and focuses on answering economic, marketing, and policy questions that are important to horticultural producers, particularly fruit and vegetable growers, in New York State. In addition, as part of his extension program he works with researchers across units in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to study issues in a multi-disciplinary framework.


Bill Drake

Senior Extension Associate,
Cornell University

Bill Drake is a former food industry executive (20 years) and is now responsible for development and execution of food industry executive education programming for the Food Industry Management Program.

Mr. Drake’s responsibilities center around the development and execution of executive education programs for the food industry. The audience consists of retailers, manufacturers, and service providers. Programs are conducted both on the Cornell campus and off-site, and are both customized (company-specific) and open-enrollment. In general, the programs are designed to improve the competitive viability of firms and the industry as a whole.